Football ▲ Golden Goose

Yo Homie! Make it Super Bowl Sunday EVERY DAY!

The Leather Head™ Golden Goose Football is identical to the signature Handsome Dan Football, and is constructed from a rich Gold pebble grain leather. Each ball is hand made, one at a time, by a skilled and dedicated craftsman, at the Leather Head™ Glen Rock, New Jersey, workshop. An heirloom quality football that will only improve with use - a child's prized possession, a parent's favourite toy.

"Finally, in a solemn ceremony, each new Leather Head™ football is imbued with the heart of an Eagle and soul of a warrior."

▲ Designed to be slightly smaller than an NFL ball, for ease and enjoyment of use.
▲ 19 1/2 inches around the middle - the standard size of a "youth" football.
▲ Constructed from hand-selected individual panels of supple Gold pebble grain leather.
▲ Each ball is individual, distinct, and special.
▲ Polyester thread.
▲ Raw hide lace.
▲ Butyl rubber bladder.
▲ Made in the USA.
▲ Minor imperfections in natural leather to be expected.
"The leather that I mostly use is very natural, it's uncorrected leather. It's dyed, but it still shows a lot of the real natural qualities of the leather. You know, there's scars on it, there may be an occasional bug bite, but in general, all of those elements speak to the life of the animal that wore the skin. I want people to see that, and I want them to appreciate the fact that there is something real about this." - Paul Cunningham, Leatherhead Sports


Instructions: Balls are shipped uninflated. Inflate with hand or electric ball pump to approx 16lbs to 18lbs. Leather shell should sit flat when fully inflated, but can take some time to relax.


Shipping to Australia and NZ is FREE on all orders over $150.
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